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Le Petit-Avion

It all started when I saw this tweet:

Then, I did my own version:

Which I decided to share:

Pictures of a build and the STL files are available on FreeCAD files are available on github

And I also decided to print it for people that can't 3D print.
I got so many requests on the first weeks after my tweet, that I spend most of April and May 2022 printing non-stop. It was amazing.
Every picture I see makes me super happy.
I started printing again mid June 2022, some of the planes were shipped even to Belgium :)

All the design is made using Open Source software, mainly FreeCAD

/images/freecad01.thumbnail.png /images/freecad02.thumbnail.png

This is how the planes are printed (time lapse)

PLA available colors

Avalability will change over time.


You can follow my adventures on Mastodon or send an email to if you want a petit-avion or just to say "Hi".