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Other creative projects

Creative works

Besides the petits avions idea, I've been always making creative work on many subjects beyond 3Dprinting. The extra energy from my hyperactivity fuels those projects. Sometimes it's a total failure, sometimes not, it depends on how you measure success.


Lasers are cool, so I decided that I wanted to build a laser engraver. I used a cheap clone of the woodpecker 3018 cnc carving machine + some home made 3Dprinted parts, a few end-switches and a big phat laser.



I've been tinkering with Arduinos© and RaspberriPies© for a long time (2008 and 2012), I have many of each running at home. This goes from motion detection to turn on lights to measuring temperature and humitidy.


I've been always fascinated by motion, from clocks to cranes, from fishes to airplaines and everything that moves.


I happen to know how to weld and I've made a trike, a recumbent home trainer and many other objects. (I will add pictures soon).


I like cooking, and I have started sharing some recipes. A few years ago I brewed my on beer, I did it for about 3 years, I'm no longer doing it, but if I start again, I will share my recipes.